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How to Catch Shrimp with a Trap Made from Sticks and Vines

Primitive Technology of Australia just came out with a cool video showing how to catch shrimp using a shrimp trap made out of sticks and vines.

The majority of the basket is made with lawyer cane, and it is funnel-shaped. The shape is key. It makes it easy for shrimp to find their way in and difficult for them to escape.

If you watch closely, you’ll see that he doesn’t use any bait at all. Shrimp are curious by nature, and the new addition to their environment piques their curiosity, so they just walk right in. Though not necessary, you could use the remnants of the previous shrimp you caught as bait to draw more in, as they are cannabalistic.

He does only catch two shrimp, though, which wouldn’t be enough to feed even a child. However, the shrimp trap shown is relatively quick and easy to make. If you have even a little experience in basketry, you should be fine. You could probably whip one up in an hour or so, as long as you have the suitable materials.

The ideal situation would be to have several traps lined up along a river bank. This ensures you have a fresh supply of shellfish every day with minimal work invested. All you have to do is check your traps to see if anyone is home.

He puts his traps under tree roots that are at the water’s edge, which is great, because they love to hide in the darker and more shaded areas of any riverbed.

How to Catch Shrimp with a Trap Made from Sticks and Vines



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